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TLR Consulting Services (TLRCS) is your one-stop-shop for web design, support and hosting. Our primary purpose is to help you succeed at your business. We specialize in Information Technology related consulting, including: Internet Website Design and Development On-going Website Support Search Engine Optimization Secure Data Center Server Hosting We have a network of specialists who work with us to help our clients. If we are unable to solve a problem our extended team will uncover a solution. This backup ensures our clients have the best in the industry working with them to succeed. Honesty – Integrity – Ability We are committed to providing more service than you expect. We believe you have already spent enough time searching for solutions to your problems and are ready to move forward. Therefore, our question to you is: How can TLR Consulting Services serve you? We further commit to serve you with… Honesty in our business relationship Integrity in our handling of your trust Ability to get the job done quickly Allow us to join with you to help you fulfill your vision and make your business dreams come...

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IBM Scores Breakthrough In Chip Components

BBC reported today that IBM (USA) has “overcome technical hurdles threatening to delay the manufacture of silicon chips with the smallest components so far.” The article states that IBM has developed a process to produce components 7nm in size (about the size of a red blood cell) and can successfully stack them in a chip so they do not interfere with each other. According to IBM, reported BBC, “an entire chip made using 7nm components would about 20 billion transistors.” Miniaturization at this level opens the door for more processing power in much smaller spaces. With the IOT (Internet of Things) gaining steam, technology of this type will mean more intelligent appliances, automobiles, houses….the field is wide open. Read the full article here:...

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Windows 10 Is Coming

Microsoft has been working hard on a new Windows operating system release that will be made available later this year. Windows 10 is currently in the final stages of preparation and should be ready for roll-out to 190 countries this summer.* Early indications are that Microsoft will make a Windows 10 upgrade available at no cost to users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Their hope is to garner early acceptance of this new OS among their corporate clientele,...

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FCC Votes to Regulate Internet Access

In a vote of three in favor and two opposed, the FCC voted to approve regulating Internet service like a public utility, prohibiting companies from paying for faster lanes on the Internet. In other words, net neutrality won out over the objection of major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, ComCast, A brief video explaining net neutrality is featured below: Rather than inhibit Internet infrastructure expansion, I believe that creating a level playing field for everyone will foster greater growth and...

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What is Broadband and why is it important?

Broadband is simply a word used to identify a high-speed connection to the Internet. Whether you are using a computer (desktop or laptop), a smartphone or tablet, your device will send and receive data via a connection to Internet. Broadband speeds are much faster than dial-up where the user connects via a standard telephone modem that dials a number in order to connect. The FCC’s initial designation of minimum broadband speed was 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. This...

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FCC Chairman on Net Neutrality

During the January 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, spoke on the subject of net neutrality and the upcoming vote on new rules for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). After hearing comments and receiving a barrage of email from individuals, groups and businesses about net neutrality, Wheeler is seeking to garner support for rules that would regulate ISPs in much the same way as public utilities are regulated. Wheeler said during a speech at CES: “We’re going...

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